Big Bang Theory Memroable Quotes (Season 5)

Episode 11

Penny (entering): Hi. Did Sheldon change the Wi-Fi password again?
Leonard: Yeah, it’s “Penny already eats our food, she can pay for Wi-Fi.” No spaces.

Amy: Who would have thought Fuzzy Fingers Fowler is best friends with a bully?
Penny: What? I was not a bully.
Bernadette: Kind of sounds like you were. And maybe a felon.
Amy: Shh. That’s how you wind up in a cornfield.

Amy: Perhaps you could assuage your guilt through altruism.
Amy: Which word’s tripping you up? Assuage or altruism?
Penny: Both.

Bernadette: You’ll feel better by doing something nice for someone.
Penny: I actually knew that.
Amy: I never doubted you.

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